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Test & Measurements


Minnesota Wire has worked closely with high-end water quality companies to continually improve sensor probe cable and harness assemblies through design and testing. Our sensor probe cables are waterproof cables with connector overmolding, designed to withstand turbulent conditions with a unique ruggedized design. Not only do these wire and cables go through flex and pull testing, they also can be subjected to an immersion tank test, which simulates different depths at which the probe may be used.

Our specialty lies in providing high-pressure cables that deliver optimum performance even at 100 meters depth. These data transmission cables are typically used for measuring water quality and temperature.

The typical cable size of our sensor probe assemblies can vary in length, up to 300 meters. The probes test salinity, oxygen level and other parameters for environmental water quality monitoring. Minnesota Wire also produces heavy-duty coil cords with connector overmolding, which are resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, battery acids, and UV rays. Our cables are widely used in fishing video cameras and deep-sea probes to detect stream flow or glacier movement.