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Signal integrity lab testing facility


Minnesota Wire takes immense pride in the superior quality of our products and the technical testing that is involved in producing them. With in-house physical and electrical testing labs, we perform technical testing and write-ups for a multitude of programs, including design engineering. Our quality assurance team varifies that the manufacturing standards are met and that every cable assembly is of the highest working order before they ship.

Whether it is patient cables, defibrillator leads, high temperature cables or communication cables used in the defense industry you can count on Minnesota Wire to manufacture these life-saving connections to your expectations.

Wire and Cable Testing Capabilities

  • Flex Life Testing
  • Stretch Testing
  • Torque Testing
  • Low Noise Testing
  • Submersion Testing
  • High Speed Thermal Mass Flow Leak Testing
  • Tensile and Compression Testing (Pull Test)
  • OPG Smartscope 250 Non-Contact Optical Comparator
  • Impulse/Abrupt Testing
  • MIL-C-17G (Cable Test)
  • AAMI/ANSI EC53-1995

On-Site Laboratories

  • RESS Machine
  • Mechanical Lab
    • Complete Test & Measurement Facilities
  • Signal Integrity Lab
    • Electrical integrity and shielding effectiveness
  • Nano-Technology Lab
    • Carbon nanotube process development for non-metallic conductors and shields
    • RESS Machine

Certified & Compliant

  • RoHS Compliant
  • IPC-620 Harness Certified
  • MIL-STD Manufacturer

Design Control Experience

  • Quality System Requirements (QSR) for the Medical Device industry.
  • Minnesota Wire has performed and has participated in numerous risk analysis and risk management efforts
  • We have CE marked medical devices in the market under our name brand as well as under our customers'

Process Control Experience

  • Process mapping for transfer of knowledge, from one process facility to another
  • Capability studies for analysis of the process, using statistical techniques
  • Working with customers to define design performance and control criteria
  • Using Test and Measure to define processing limits

Process Improvement Advantages

At Minnesota Wire we are constantly learning new and improved ways to better serve our customers cable assembly needs. Some of the ways in which we constantly strive to better serve our customers, include:

  • Using lessons learned during the verification and validation phases to develop a robust process during the transfer to full production
  • Onsite creative tooling and modeling shop for jig and fixture processing and maintenance.
  • Workforce experienced in hands on cost reduction procedures for medical devices that maintain quality control

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