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Custom Cable Assemblies for High Temperature Applications

High Temp Cable for Fire Safety

Minnesota Wire provides high temperature cable boards, high temp cables, and custom cable assemblies that can withstand up to 1200°F for fire safety and firefighting applications. Our high temp cable can be manufactured with fiberglass, ceramic fiber, or carbon insulation for added security. Vendor-supplied components can also be integrated with our high temperature cables and custom cable assemblies.

Shielded Cable for Communications

For clients in the communication sector, Minnesota Wire offers a wide range of shielded cables and overmolded MILSPEC connectors. In-house injection and insert molding capabilities allow us to fabricate connectors for both standard and custom cable assemblies. Our ergonomic custom cable assemblies are widely used for interconnecting headsets or microphones in radios, aux systems, and push-to-talk (PTT) systems.

Custom Products for Extreme Environments

Minnesota Wire designs and manufactures ruggedized coil cables to withstand extreme hot and cold environmental conditions. Cables can be insulated with PVC, HDPE, or Teflon®.

We deliver custom high temp cable, custom cable assemblies, and more for challenging applications such as wiring communication systems in defense vehicles, backplane panels, and aircraft intercommunication systems.

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