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Minnesota Wire has a full-service design engineering staff dedicated to custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses for a variety of industries. If your project isn’t ready to hit the manufacturing floor, we have the skills to help you develop the product you need.

Custom Cable Assemblies and Custom Wire Harness Applications

Minnesota Wire’s design engineering team has developed custom cable assemblies and custom wire harnesses for a variety of industries, some of which include:

Click on the above links for more information on custom cable assemblies or custom wire harnesses for each provided industry.

Custom Design Capabilities

Minnesota Wire has nearly 50 years of custom cable assembly and custom wire harness experience. Our knowledge and experience provides us with the ability to offer:

  • Decades of experience in designing and building wire and cable assemblies
  • Medical, military and commercial applications from complex engineered solutions to simpler high volume applications
  • Robust engineering tools include CAD/Modeling, Master CAM, MIL-Spec flex testing, Pull testing, EMI/RFI testing
  • Agile design and transition to production, ensuring requirements are defined, documented, processed and verified
  • Advanced Research & Development capabilities, including exotic conductors like carbon fiber (CNT) and stretchy wire (iStretch)

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